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From September 2012 onwards the medical anthropological teaching programs offered at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has undergone some major changes. One of these changes is that the AMMA is not continued in its previous form.

Fortunately, however, the end of AMMA does not imply the end of the international Master in Medical Anthropology at the UvA. We continue providing Medical Anthropology courses at Master’s level in three different ways, namely:

  1. A one year Master program in Medical Anthropology and Sociology, the MAS (www.studeren.uva.nl/msc-medical-anthropology-and-sociology)
  2. A two years Research Master in Social Sciences, which also has a track in ‘Health, Culture and the Body’ (www.studeren.uva.nl/mscres_social_sciences)
  3. The Winter School courses, which were previously offered as part of the AMMA, will continue to be offered (as part of the MAS) and are open for external participants.
    The Winterschool courses offer students the chance to do a specialization in an area of their interest. In addition, they will provide students with the opportunity to interact with expert (guest) lecturers and external participants - professionals from all over the world - who bring lots of working experience and inspiration to the course. See for information about the MAS-Winterschool the MAS website.

This AMMA-website (amma.socsci.uva.nl) will be maintained for some years to provide information about the old AMMA program and network.

With kind regards,

Trudie Gerrits (former AMMA director)


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Doing and Living Medical Anthropology: Personal Reflections
is a selection of the papers that were presented at the the Amsterdam Master's of Medical Anthropology (AMMA) Jubilee Conference in 2007. The essays consider what medical anthropology means in the academy and outside of it. Written by a diverse group of anthropologists, some of whom also work as doctors, public health workers, and NGO staff members, the essays share personal insights on how they used anthropology to solve health problems and improve interventions.

Several of the contributors draw on their own illness experiences to reconsider the health challenges they have previously sought to understand, analyse, and document. Other essays come from authors who have struggled to incorporate anthropological methodologies and perspectives in multi-disciplinary research and medical relief work. Also included are essays from professional anthropologists who reflect on the value of their discipline’s missuion and methodology.

This collection demonstrates how anthropology is used in policy and health interventions and attempts to bridge the gaps between policymakers, clinicians, NGO workers, doctors, and academic researchers.



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